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About Ourselves

We here at Rishika believe that we can do good only when there is unity among us. We strongly believe in the moral "Unity is strength". With the help of volunteers, we have conducted so many events without whom none would have been possible. Our intention is to facilitate the transactions between the donors and the donees while encouraging volunteers to participate and get involved in the activities that will uprise the society that our kids will want to live in.

We were asked this question a long time ago by a professor,

"What are you aiming for at Rishika?"

We did not know the answers then, what started as a volunteering book donation activity during lockdown led us to many pathways in understanding the need for a good foundation that not only caters to the present need but also to the future of the society.

So let me proudly tell you that we are here trying to bring a change in this world for our future generations and our kids to live free of bondage. Bondage of basic needs. We must not fight this hard as we are today to enjoy basic needs like food water shelter. We thrive to free our future generations from the basic struggles so they can look beyond and build a country of knowledge and wisdom like it was a long time ago. We hope to see more volunteers joining us in every activity that we do as each is linked to the vision for Bangalore and other upcoming state ecological developmental projects.

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