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School Beautification Program

A New way to save the world

What's so special about SBP?

Many NGOs today are working on making schools better for the underprivileged, that's amazing but have you thought of why they haven't been able to progress or keep the disaster of necessity from happening again? It's simple,

One has never come up with a sustainable way of solving this problem. We here at Rishika in collaboration with Native hands have come up with sustainable techniques to keep this from happeing again and again. We want to do it once and not look back for quite some time. There are many eco-friendly ways that have kept the world going in the Millenium. You don't need funding like the private schools where people spend crores for a building. In just a matter of a couple of thousands, we can work on transforming the livelihood of the children.

Not only making the study places pretty, but also we need to focus on aiding the children in their studies and helping them. With online lessons being free everyone has the access to them. But the obstacle they face is the equipment. We are looking to set up small systems in each school across Bangalore where the internet and education will be provided for free along with their regular education from the govt. Our plans for the schools of Karnataka are big. But we need to start somewhere right? Just tell us that you are willing to take the first small steps with us in making this country beautiful once again. Let's show the poor that they are not neglected, let's show them that the right to education doesn't come with nasty places where they cannot sit happily, let's show them that we care.

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