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Rescued animal shelter

Why a Goshala?

Back in the day before the British empire, cows weren't slaughtered as it held a huge significance in economic and spiritual value. Every household had cows to sustain them. Every house had 4 cows minimum, with that they used to get around 50L minimum everyday something that never failed. She gave around 30-40 kilos of cow dung, which was used as manure for their Agro Field, uses oxes they used to plow these fileds and use the manure they find. With the harvest and the milk theyy used to get there was no need for another job for sustenance. The Britishers saw this and were shocked on how amazingly they had sustained themselved and to break the chain of sustainability, and increase dependability on things they buy and to take over the cash flow. They introduced cow meat and cow products to the society, hindus looked awa as they thought it was disgusting and the meat lovers had a new food source. This caused an imbalance in the society when meat lovers went on a rampage. Today even if it is illegal to slaughter cows and eat beef, many of they are stolen during grazing and taken to the slaughter house and buffed up for meat. They live in tiny boxes till the are let out and brutally slaughterd. Beef exports accounts to 3 Billion market value today. What was once a financial move to aquire markets and break sustainability is a deisive food market today. Be a vegetarian or not, if they visit the slaughter houses and see how they are made even the strongest will fall. To stop this chain of event we have come up with Resuce operations done by our squads with the help of the Police Department. If you hear such an actvity, all you have to do is send us a message on our number and we will take care of the rest. We have tied up with exisiting cow shelters and goshalas across karnataka. The rescued cows will be shown love and affection till they heal and left with the rest of the cows.

We are looking forward to open a goshala in one of our properties as well and we sure hope to see you there.

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