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Clean-up Yatra

A New way to save the world

What is Clean up Yatra?

Like the name says the main intention is to "clean up" the vicinity but what does "yatra" stand for? Let me tell you,

Inorder to make a this horrbile job of cleaning trash and to ease the work of the volenteers aiding us in this cleanup we pick locations that are not just dirty but scenic inspite of it. To reduce the burden of the volenteers, we choose spots that are also places for trek and auspicious to many. We are picking places that our ancient ancestors have walked and meditated on. This journey with us will not just be to clean the environment but also to cleanse ourselves. The one and only way to do that is to reconnect with mother nature. When you give in, she will take care of everything there is to heal.

So let this awarness drive not just be about picking up someone's trash but also changing our way of approach to throwables. Be a part of this revolution and help raise awarness,

 We don't wish to see India like this in 5 years, What about you?

Upcoming Clean Up YATRA

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