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Mind and Body transformation


Bored of looking at gym walls?

Here is a treat to all Bangaloreans, an opportunity to be a part of a small crowd that will experience to the true potential of Martial Arts. It is believed that Kalaripattu was the first-ever martial arts that were used in warfare from which Karate, Bujutsu, Iaido, Jeet Kune Do, Judo, Jujutsu amongst 100 other martial arts were born.

Kalarippayattu is not just the training of the body but focuses on the mind and restructuring it so the body built will be put to good use. The roots of Kalari are from the ancient arts of yoga and Arthashastra. This is not for the weak, This is not for the ones who give up, This is for those who want to challenge their limitations and break free of the bondage with regular body fitness, Once reprogrammed by our trainers you will continue to hold this knowledge of using mind body and soul as a weapon, with anything given to you as just a tool.

To add to the high masculine energy, you have the opportunity to learn sword fighting amongst many other powerful tools. 

Everyone who joins us is a beginner in this journey but they have the strong will to grow and master their livelihood. Since this is an intense session and catered personally to every individual's progress we are limiting the class number to just 9. We are having 3 batches to reach more people so a maximum of 27 people from Bangalore has the opportunity to witness their own true potential through the art of kalarippayattu.

Start date: 18th October 2021

Registration: Open


Be a part of the Bangalore's
Kalari Pattu Army

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